Hi, my name is Philomena Schwab, I’m a game designer located in Zurich, Switzerland.
I recently finished my Master of Arts in Game Design, writting a thesis about community building for indie game developers.
Micha Stettler and me recently founded Stray Fawn Studio together. We are working as fulltime, self-funded indie developers.
Feel free to drop me an email if there is anything I can help you with :)


Current Occupations:
Working on our game Nimbatus – The Space Drone Contructor as an artist, marketer and community manager
Working on our game Niche – a genetics survival game as a game designer, marketer and community manager
Co-organizing GameZfestival, a free game exhibition/festival in Zurich
Helping the Swiss game scene to grow as a board member of the Swiss Game Developers Association
Building up Playful Oasis, a collective/site/curator for nature related games
International Ambassador GDC